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17.20, 19.80 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Rondo RUUT CF. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

12 reasons to buy

  • A flip-chip adjusts geometry from 'aggressive and racy' to 'stable and relaxed', effectively making the RUUT both a race bike and an endurance bike.
  • RUUT CFs are furnished with plenty of frame and fork bolts for bikepacking.
  • The RUUT CF0, CF1 and CF2 accommodate tires up to 700x45c or 27.5x2.2”.
  • Asymmetric, dropped chainstays keep a tight back-end with wide tire clearance.
  • SRAM Force and Rival hydraulic brakes were reliable and strong.
  • Flattened carbon tubing and 40c tires made for a cushioned, forgiving ride.
  • Short, 420mm chainstays make the RUUT CF a quick and reactive bike.
  • The RUUT’s versatility is expanded by compatibility for wide 650b tires.
  • The stiff Twintip Carbon 2.0 fork delivered agile and responsive handling at speed.
  • The RUUT CF's bold frame design and subtle colors impressed visually.
  • Rondo own-brand aluminum rims were deemed “bombproof".
  • SRAM Force and Rival drivetrains deliver a 420% gear range, using a 42t chainring and 10-42t cassette.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers felt that the RUUT CF range could be more competitive on price.
  • Two reviewers found adjustment of the TwinTip fork to be fiddly.
  • Though tough, Rondo own-brand aluminum rims were heavy, on the 2020 CF2.
  • The Twintip Carbon 2.0 fork was stiff, delivering some feedback on chatter.
  • After long-term testing, one expert noticed play in Rondo OEM wheel bearings.
  • The 19.8lb weight of the CF2 was seen as being on the heavier side for carbon.

Bottom line

Like many of Rondo’s bikes, a flip-chip on the fork allows riders to adjust the bike’s geometry and ride characteristics. The ‘Hi’ setting suits longer distance rides at a more relaxed pace. On the ‘Low’ setting, the RUUT moves into a racy, aggressive profile that suits gravel racing and on-road riding with skinny, slick tires. This innovation earned Rondo and the RUUT CF series a Eurobike Gold award. Aesthetics divided critics, who saw it as either ‘modern, stylish and risky’ or ‘bulky and awkward’. Even without the unique fork and variable geometry, reviewers and users rated the RUUT CF series highly for the excellent ride characteristics and quality that was delivered. As is usually the case with this level of attention to design and function, a high price is asked. For those with shallower pockets, there is the alloy-framed RUUT AL.

Expert Reviews

79/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews

Rondo Ruut CF1 Review

…a bike that can do pretty much everything a drop-bar bike could feasibly be expected to do… a comfortable bike to ride on a wide range of uneven surfaces… It’s one of the few gravel bikes that don’t feel like a compromise in road cycling situations…

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Rondo Ruut CF2 Review

The longer trail in the Lo setting creates more stability and slower steering, while the shorter trail of the Hi mode produces a more agile bike… I can see the former being good for gravel races and the latter for bike packing adventures… the Ruut CF2 has been designed for covering ground at speed and it’s one that doesn’t let up on the road.

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Rondo RUUT CF2 Review

…the Rondo Ruut CF2 is an advanced, intelligent and thoroughly fun bike if your appetite for riding extends beyond the tarmac… the bike does showcase some impressive innovations and unique off-road prowess, but consumers will have to decide whether that is worth the premium.

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Tested: Rondo Ruut [Danish]

It is light and accelerates well and the elongated driving position signals speed and race… The Twin Tip front fork is more of a gimmick to impress cycling friends than any real driving improvement.

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Rondo RUUT CF 2 Gravel Bike Test: Fast Gravel Bike With a Striking Look [German]

The Rondo RUUT CF 2 is a fun, sporty bike with its own character. Especially when starting out, the bike always put a big grin on our faces. Despite the wide tires, the comfort left a bit to be desired on poor ground. The equipment was convincing and the geometry adjustment was also pleasing…

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Road Bike Action Magazine

Rondo Ruut CF2 Tested [German]

No, the Ruut CF2 from Rondo is definitely not a bike for bores and conformists… it not only impresses on gravel roads and takes tires up to 45mm wide, but also cuts a fine figure on the road with its very good acceleration and comparatively sporty handling…

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Gran Fondo

Rondo Ruut CF 2 Review

With its loud appearance, great handling and interesting features it’s a good choice for fun-oriented riders with rockstar ambitions… considering the price, you get quite a bit of bike for your money.

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Review: Rondo RUUT CF

The Ruut delivers on its promise of being a versatile adventure bike. From speeding along gravel to dicing your mates between traffic lights, the Ruut delivers. The Ruut is a bike that I’d happily give up having a road bike for. Opening up the world of adventure bike exploration without losing what the road bike offered.

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Léon van Bon Tests the Rondo Ruut CF2 [Dutch]

The Rondo Ruut CF2 with Rival 1x is a great bike. The finish is fine and the bike looks great as a whole. For ____ euros you can have your own, with which to explore the world. A great price for this bike. It was a wonderful discovery for me and I am a little bit in love with this gravel racer.

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Radsport News

Rondo Ruut CF2: Variable Rock Star [German]

To call the “Ruut” the rock star among the gravel bikes certainly doesn’t go too far… Overall, a nice bike with great handling, and good equipment for this price.

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User Ratings

84/100 based on 5 ratings
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