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Release Year
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
17.6, 18.1, 18.9, 19.4, 20.7 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Lauf Anywhere. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • The Anywhere rode well on gravel, fire-trails, asphalt and manicured trails.
  • Anywheres are available in four builds, for differing tastes and budgets.
  • From 17.6 to 20.7lbs with discs and chunky tires, Anywheres are lightweight.
  • ‘Long-4-Speed’ geometry keeps things stable at speed and on unruly surfaces.
  • Using bikepack bags, the Anywhere handled well and remained stable.
  • Plush 40mm tires are stock, providing a supple ride on many surfaces.
  • Clearance for 45mm tires allows the Anywhere to be ridden over real gravel.
  • Bosses are many - 3x bottle-bosses, 3x fork eyelets and bento-box eyelets.
  • The glass fiber ‘Smoothie’ handlebar flexes to compensate for frame judder.
  • Full-length internal cable-guides preserve cables and make maintenance easier.
  • Maxxis Velocita tires proved to be a solid all-round option, on and off-road.
  • Sweep and flare enhanced the comfort of the Smoothie handlebar.
  • A hanger is provided for a wireless front derailleur and 2x chainring setup.
  • A rare ‘XL’ size caters to riders 6’3” and taller.
  • A handy bottle-opener is affixed to the frame, in place of a front derailleur.

8 reasons not to buy

  • There are no fender mounts, anywhere.
  • By reports, Maxxis Velocita tires didn’t perform well in mud or slippy dirt.
  • One tester felt that flared bars forced riders into an aggressive stance.
  • A number of gravel and road wheels won’t fit the JAF fork’s 15mm thru-axle.
  • For longer rides and bikepack trips, one tester sought a taller front-end.
  • The Anywhere could feel harsh on long and intense gravel races.
  • On asphalt, one reviewer described slight understeer on tight, fast turns.
  • An expert wanted a bit more gear range at both top and bottom ends.

Bottom line

Lauf are known for their eccentric yet effective suspension forks. The Anywhere is the exception to Lauf’s range, as it sports a conventional, unsprung, rigid carbon fork. By all reports, this bike was light, fast and fun. It impressed on asphalt, dirt and true gravel. Clearance for 45mm tires ensured real off-road compatibility and a cushy ride. A number of spec and price levels are available to suit riders with different budgets. Lauf’s innovative ‘Smoothie’ handlebar added to comfort across judder. This bike did so well on-road and off, that it could easily serve as your do-it-all ride.

Expert Reviews

85/100 based on 2 expert reviews

Lauf Anywhere Weekend Warrior Edition Long-term Review

Overall, the Lauf Anywhere is a truly awesome all-rounder… I’ve spent the last six months riding it… I have managed to rack up 4,500km… The Anywhere will handle pretty much whatever adventure your imagination can think of…

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Lauf Anywhere Review

There’s little to fault with the build… If you have access to good fire roads, smooth-ish singletrack or proper gravel, a bike like this is perfect. It’s barely compromised on tarmac with the right tyres and it’ll fly along unmade roads with gleeful abandon.

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Review: Lauf Anywhere Gravel Bike

…out of the box, Lauf’s Anywhere is ready to go — on the pavement, on most mellow dirt roads, and maybe even on the trails if you’re feeling bold… The second key point is that this bike hits a reasonable price…

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Road Bike Action Magazine

Gravel Bike Test Lauf Anywhere

…for a true multi-purpose bike, the Anywhere hits the mark, especially if there is more pavement in your schedule.

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First Impressions & Actual Weights: Lauf Anywhere All-Road Gravel Bike

…you get the best of both worlds and the ability to adapt the horse to the course… This is still one of my favorite handlebars… The shape is unique but extremely comfortable… If you’re looking everywhere for a gravel bike, try looking Anywhere.

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