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18.20, 18.60, 17.00, 18.30, 18 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ibis Hakka MX. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • Ride quality on gravel, road and even singletrack was seen as ‘phenomenal’.
  • Gear range was generous, with a deep low-end and no jumps between steps.
  • Handling was responsive, stable. The Hakka leaned into corners on singletrack.
  • Owners said it felt fast, even when fully loaded up for bikepacking.
  • Most owners found assembly to be a breeze.
  • The Hakka’s carbon frame was praised for its compliance and stiffness.
  • Design of the Hakka’s frame was deemed ‘gorgeous’ by owners.
  • The ‘fireball’ red colorway was lauded.
  • Thunder Burt tires were grippy, Schwalbe G-Ones excelled on-road and off.
  • The Hakka earnt a reputation for its climbing abilities on steep singletrack.
  • For such a stiff rig, the Hakka delivered comfort on long-distance rides.
  • Packaging was, reportedly, stellar.
  • At 18.2lbs for a standard build – and 17lbs with custom parts, it was light.
  • Clearance allows for 700x40c or 650b x 2.1” tires, with room for mud.
  • A sheath over the downtube protects the carbon frame from rock strikes.
  • Finish was superb. Hakka use Ibis’s iconic ‘handjob’ as a mudguard mount.
  • Fully internal cabling keeps things protected and clean.
  • Power transfer was seen as very efficient
  • The T47 bottom-bracket is threaded, for easy replacement and maintenance.

10 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of owners found gaps in their Hakka’s paintwork.
  • It was reported that Thunder Burt tires didn’t roll well at low pressures.
  • One reviewer was bothered by chainslap, even with a GRX Derailleur
  • A tester would’ve appreciated more flare than was offered by the OEM flatbar.
  • A tester said the ride was ‘jarring’, transmitting every bump on singletrack.
  • Penultimate models had no mudguard mount on the front fork.
  • One owner had to regrease the bottom bracket on a new Hakka.
  • A ‘shelf’ on the frame behind the bottom bracket tended to collect mud.
  • The last Hakka model’s fork was post-mount while the frame was flat-mount.
  • Some riders felt the Hakka delivered a harsh ride, due to the bike’s uncompromising efficiency.

Bottom line

Honestly; most owners, testers and reviewers said the Hakka was loads of fun. It’s costly, yes. But the price reflects what you get for a fleet-footed and lightweight all-road machine. With such aggressive geometry, it could also definitely serve as your road-rider, given some skinnier rubber. It’s been tested and approved as a bikepacking rig, especially since it is easily set up with either a 2x or 1x derailleur. Ports are provided for electronic Di2 wiring, brake cables and hoses, or to easily install a dropper post. Reports of gaps in paintwork were sparse, but concerning. On last year’s model the fork had no fender mount and used post-mount discs, while the frame was flat mount. This made it quite a hassle to upgrade with a new pair of brakes. These problems are solved on new models. An expensive and exciting high-end machine.

Expert Reviews

81/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

Ibis Hakka MX Rival Review

The Ibis Hakka MX is a very lightweight, uncompromisingly stiff, fast and efficient gravel bike.

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Ibis Hakka MX Review

…if you have an eye on some fast solo bikepacking quests or gravel races, this could be a bike worth taking a closer look at, provided you don’t mind paying for it.

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Cycle Travel Overload

IBIS Hakka MX Review – Ultralight Bikepacking Bike

…a versatile bikepacking bike that is super lightweight and more then capable of tearing up roads and gravel tracks.

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Biller Bike Reviews

Santa Cruz Stigmata Review vs Ibis Hakka MX (650b Setup)

Downhills, the Stigmata felt more nimble but didn’t hold a line quite as well as the Ibis.

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Nonchalant Garage

Ibis Hakka MX First Impressions

It’s like being able to have something that handles like a mountain bike…you can ride similar terrain…but it’s more friendly to ride to the sections. Makes it a lot more fun as well.

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Ibis Hakka MX vs Santa Cruz Stigmata vs Cervelo Aspero

The effort honestly felt pretty easy. I think it’s down to the rigidity of the frame.

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Cervelo Aspero Review vs Ibis Hakka MX And Santa Cruz Stigmata

The Aspero can’t do the 2.1” tires that the Hakka can… I don’t think the Aspero is as capable offroad.

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CX Magazine

Ridden and Reviewed: Ibis’ Versatile Hakka MX Cyclocross/Gravel Bike

…true versatility is having a bike that can handle almost any type of riding with little compromise and just a swap of tires. The Hakka MX aces this test…it will likely become the garage monster the rest of your quiver fears.

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Ibis Hakka MX Review: Ramble Approved

Loaded up with bikepacking bags, the Hakka felt fast.

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The Radavist

Gettin’ Dirty with the New Ibis Hakka MX

…lightweight, snappy, well thought-out… While calling something a “Jack of all trades and a master of none” is not necessarily a compliment, the Hakka MX has evolved past that, which will result in a quiver coup d’etat.

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Rennrad News

Ibis Hakka MX Tested: Fire-red Play-mobile [German]

…pretty close to the perfect compromise between CX and Gravel bikes. Bikepacking is also included, but other frames are better prepared for this.

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