Boulder Summer Team Session I – Drop In Day Fee

Monday, Jun 3, 2024 to Thursday, Aug 1, 2024
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Camp, Mountain Bike

Program fees are non-refundable once the session begins. A partial refund (program fee minus $75) will be issued for withdrawals or cancellations made up to 24 hours before the session begins. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed rides or ride cancellations. Drop off and pick up is at the SMBA office. Athletes meet at the SMBA office and ride in the vans to various trail locations for each ride. Athletes are split into smaller riding groups with a coach and athletes of similar skill and age for each ride. Ride location and ride distance varies each day depending on weather, trail conditions, and coaches’ ride plan. Ride location is determined day of the ride during the pre-ride coaches’ meeting. Coaches and office staff are unable to confirm ride locations until after scheduled drop off time. Team athletes must already be comfortable balancing, braking, pedaling consistently, and standing up on their pedals on singletrack trails with rocks, other technical features, and easy to moderate climbs and descents (typically blue/green, blue, blue/back, and black difficulty rated trails). Athletes must be comfortable riding in a group with coaches and other athletes of similar age and skill; and must be willing to listen and follow coaches’ instructions during the ride.

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