Adaptive Cycling Center – $30 Drop in – Sat -(06)Jun15, 2024

Saturday, Jun 15, 2024
Reno, Nevada, United States


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The City of Reno is excited to expand its adaptive sports program by launching an Adaptive Cycling Center at the Rosewood Nature Study Area in Reno, Nevada. Rosewood Nature Study Area is a 219-acre wetland habitat with approximately 2.5 miles of trail and serves as a great launching point to access the Southeast Connector bike trail as well as connecting to the Tahoe-Pyramid Bike trail. Such proximity to the community’s bike trail systems makes it a prime location for our adaptive equipment rental hub. The center will offer a membership-based program that will allow persons with disabilities to access our many adaptive bikes and jump directly on the trail, no bike transport needed. Families with children and/or adults with disabilities can now access a variety of adaptive bikes by appointment or during the open program hours and ride together.

The adaptive bicycles are the property of the City of Reno. Every bike is equipped with a geolocator. The signatory acknowledges and understands that for purposes of location tracking while in possession of a City adaptive bicycle, they have no expectation of privacy while using the bikes or to any information collected by the City

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Rosewood – Adaptive Cycling Center at Rosewood – Adaptive Cycling Center


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