8 to 830pm Tethered Balloon Rides

Friday, Jan 15, 2021
Maricopa, Arizona, United States



Masks that cover nose and mouth required to board hot air balloon.

Please arrive no earlier or later than five minutes of your scheduled reservation time.

What is a tethered balloon ride?

A tethered balloon ride is when the balloon is tied to the ground with four very strong ropes to keep the balloon from flying away. This allows the balloon to lift and “fly” a large group of people of all ages at a specific location.

Who can ride?

Our Easy Access Door Basket allows almost everyone the opportunity to enjoy a tethered balloon ride. However, the sides of the basket are approximately 45 inches tall so young kids may not be able to see without the help of a parent/guardian. We are unable to accommodate passengers who are in a wheelchair or who cannot support themselves in a standing position for the duration of the ride (five minutes).

Each participant (or parent/guardian for those under 18 years of age) must sign an Agreement to Participate / Waiver of Responsibility for tethered ride passengers provided by SkyCab Balloon Promotions before being allowed to take a ride. The pilot and crew always reserves the right to limit who or how many can get into the balloon basket.

How high will the riders go?

Tethered flights go up to 60 feet above the ground. The exact height is determined by a number of factors including wind, terrain, location, anchor points, number of passengers, etc. The pilot will determine the exact height according to conditions at the time of the event.


REFUNDS: The ticket for the 2021 Copa Glow Night Market hot air balloon tether ride is nonrefundable unless the tether rides are unable to be conducted due to acts of God.

CHECK-IN AND ARRIVAL: Check-in within your scheduled time-frame to be guaranteed a ride as refunds are not issued should you miss your check-in window. Please plan to arrive no later than five minutes prior to the end of your check-in window. Please also understand that all tether rides are weather-dependent and tether times may have to be adjusted to accommodate changing weather.

PROOF OF PURCHASE: Please bring your receipt with you to the event upon check-in (this may be printout or shown to staff via a mobile device). If will make the check-in process easier!

WAIVERS: All passengers riding in the tether balloons must sign a liability waiver immediately prior to riding. If a minor under the age of 18 intends to ride, the parent/guardian must sign a waiver on their behalf. Should you have any questions regarding the wavier, please address them with a staff member prior to signing.

CHILDREN: Children under three will not be charged for a tether ride.


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