Vilano Shadow STI

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6 reasons to buy

  • As far as components go, the STI Shifters are the main feature of the Shadow. It isn’t common to find them on a bike in this price range.
  • Some riders enjoyed the handling of this bike, especially on descents and turns.
  • It was a common remark, that buying the Vilano Shadow is a good way to teach yourself bicycle maintenance.
  • The Shadow comes in at the lowest price-point for road-bikes, with amateur enthusiasts describing it as a good entry into the sport.
  • At under 11kg, this was a pleasingly lightweight option for entry-level riders.
  • More than one owner was satisfied with the provision of two bottle mounts.

9 reasons not to buy

  • While the caliper brakes were considered effective, the brakes were described as plasticky and some people experienced slippage.
  • Numerous riders experienced problems with the pedals shearing off the crank after riding a short distance .
  • The saddle was almost universally uncomfortable for users, being described as rock-hard.
  • Assembly problems were rife for many consumers, with the general consensus being that this bike should be taken to a local bike store for set-up.
  • A lot of reviewers replaced components and only reported a smooth ride once this money had been spent.
  • A 7-speed cassette is rare on modern road bikes and riders reported a lack of range in some areas.
  • Some riders reported wheels arriving out-of-true. For others, they came out of true quickly.
  • A number of users experienced shifting problems.
  • The biggest complaint for this bike was that this quality of componentry demands frequent tuning and adjustment.

Bottom line

The Shadow comes with a very thrifty price tag. For an aluminum road bike under 11kg that comes equipped with STI Shifters – it is a steal. On the other hand, user difficulties were rife with assembly, componentry and fine-tuning. After upgrades and consultation from the local bike shop, a number of buyers were pleased with having a high-speed bike on their hands. When it comes to weighing up the value represented by the Shadow, the consumer should consider that this bike does allow cheap entry into a traditionally expensive sport. On the other hand, maintenance and upgrades do have a cost of their own.

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