Trek Powerfly – Women’s

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Release Year
Charge Time
4 Hours
Maximum Range
80 Miles
Top Speed
20 Mph
75 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 13.4Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
9, 10, 11, 12
47.86, 48.15, 49.30, 50.40, 52.47 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Trek Powerfly - Women's. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • Owners reported an impressive range of up to 80mi and 7000ft of elevation.
  • A 71yo owner easily handled a daily climb of 500ft, on a 25% grade driveway.
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes were deemed responsive and “pulled hard”.
  • A desert resident said the Powerfly rode easily, through soft sand.
  • The 5’s fit and finish was described as “beautiful and rugged”
  • ‘Touring’ mode was great on roads, while ‘eMTB’ mode was excellent in the woods.
  • A removable battery made it easy to mount the powerfly on vehicle racks.
  • Powerfly drivetrains pedaled smoothly on the flats, despite the bike’s weight.
  • Alternative color-choices on women’s options were appreciated by some buyers.
  • The Bosch Performance CX motor exhibited plenty of torque on climbs.
  • One owner cooed over the Powerfly 4’s metallic red paintwork.
  • The Powerfly 7’s TransX dropper-post made mounting and dismounting easy.
  • Overweight riders found the Powerfly’s carrying capacity to be more than ample.
  • One reviewer found that the Powerfly 4’s 100mm of fork travel covered needs.
  • Shifting, range and gear spacing were lauded on the Powerfly 5’s drivetrain.
  • One reviewer felt that the weight of the bike aided stability.

8 reasons not to buy

  • The Powerfly was heavy, and onerous to pedal up hills without assistance.
  • Some buyers weren’t admirers of the limited colors available on women’s options.
  • Some owners would have liked to be able to easily add a second battery.
  • The Powerfly’s high level component spec made it a pricey option.
  • Some owners felt that the Powerfly’s paintwork was easily chipped.
  • One daily user reported delayed engagement of the power assist in snowy areas.
  • Some owners sought a way to lock the motor without removing the battery.
  • Schwalbe Smart Sam tires punctured easily, on the ‘Sport 4 Equipped’.

Bottom line

Overwhelmingly, Trek’s hardtail electric MTB range impressed. The ‘Powerfly’ range uses high-level components across all areas, both mechanical and electric. The result is a bike that exhibited powerful levels of assist and torque, even when climbing the steepest of hills. Riders reported being able to go on multiple rides or for two full days of e-biking, on a single charge of a 625Wh battery. Women’s-specific frames and sizing sees increased standover and an XS size added to the range. Smaller frames use appropriately sized 27.5” wheels, while larger sizes use 29”. It isn’t a light rig, so don’t get stuck without juice a long way from home. The not-insubstantial price might serve as a setback for frugal e-bikers.

Expert Reviews

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Cameron McNeish

Trek Powerfly – 5

I’ve had a couple of long-standing injuries to my foot… the Trek battery holds a good charge… I reckon there’s enough power to last 60 to 80 miles if you’re careful.

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Trek Powerfly 4 – Top 5 Reasons I Bought This eMTB

…on turbo mode for 40 miles… The trek Powerfly 4 is a tank… the heavy weight of the bike plants you to the ground… it’s durable and virtually maintenance free.

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Using the Trek Powerfly 4 – Top 5 Reasons to Commute by eMTB or eBike

The 5 levels of assist cover a wide range of terrain… Going downhill, I don’t need the motor at all…

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Trek Powerfly 4 on Exmoor – Review

…outstanding fun with steep descents and river crossings followed by challenging climbs which the Powerfly managed with such ease! …I was surprised at the sub-20-mile range I achieved on this test-ride…

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