Pivot Trail 429

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Pivot Trail 429. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • The Pivot Trail 429 is available in five sizes. The bike best fits riders 4’11” to 6’7”.
  • The bike fits both 29” and 27.5” plus wheel and tire setups, making the bike very versatile.
  • There are eight build options for the Pivot Trail 429, offering riders a choice of components that best meet their needs.
  • The Pivot Trail 429 has room for a large water bottle in every size frame.
  • The bike comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • The bike is easy to maneuver with its short chainstay, through tight corners and up technical climbs.
  • The long top tube provides riders with stability.
  • The Pivot Trail 429 is an excellent climber with its DW-Link suspension offering riders 120mm of rear travel.
  • The tight suspension offers riders efficient power transfer when pedaling.
  • The bike is stiff and accelerates like a cross-country bike, according to experts.
  • The carbon layup of the frame on the Pivot Trail 429 presents riders with a high-quality, durable frame.
  • Experts raved that the suspension had just enough movement when climbing for the rider to maintain traction pedaling both seated and standing, without feeling like the bike bobbed.
  • The rider’s position is centered and balanced, allowing the rider to distribute their weight forward or back, for greater control on climbs and descents.
  • Experts found the bike descended well on a variety of trails,
  • Pivot utilizes WTB PadLoc grips to prevent the grips from spinning while riding.
  • The Super Boost Plus spacing in the rear creates great clearance on the bike.
  • The bike has a straighter seat post than its competitors with the DW-Link suspension setup. This allows riders to run a longer dropper post.
  • Experts found the bike responsive with its stiff and efficient componentry.
  • The bike's Shimano XT modulated brakes provide excellent control and stopping power for riders on the Pivot Trail 429.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Experts agreed the bike is not as forgiving as longer travel trail bikes.
  • Precision is needed for technical descents to stay on track and in control while riding the Pivot Trail 429.
  • The bike’s suspension is not very plush. The Pivot Trail 429’s suspension setup promotes speed over comfort.
  • The bike does not support a front derailleur and is limited to a 1x setup.
  • Grip choices are limited for the bike, due to the PadLoc compatibility of the handlebars.
  • The Super Boost Plus spacing limits wheel choices on the Pivot Trail 429.

Bottom line

The Pivot Trail 429 is a versatile, high-quality trail bike. It is available in five sizes, fitting riders 4’11” to 6’7”. There are eight build options to ensure riders find a build with the components that best suit their needs. The bike is fast and responsive with its short chainstay. It trades speed for comfort with the DW-Link suspension setup. Experts rave about the Pivot Trail 429’s climbing abilities. The bike can descend comfortably on a variety of terrain but can get out of line easier than some of its long-travel competitors. The bike has limited wheel choices due to the Super Boost Plus spacing. Overall, this bike is high-quality and meets the needs of many riders on the trails. It might not be a top choice for those looking to go big on jump and drop lines.

Expert Reviews

76/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

The All-New 2019 Pivot Trail 429 Takes on One of Moab’s Hardest Rides

Pivot’s advancements in frame technology, reduced costs for the consumer, greatly expanded size range, continued obsession with the little details, and recent move to a generous ten year warranty are all things that stand out on the new Trail 429.

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Pivot Trail 429 Pro XT/STR Review

It’s a stunning, speedy machine for longer loops and (maybe with a beefier fork) perfect for just messing about in the woods too – as long as your wallet can handle the price.

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Pivot Trail 429 Race XT 2019 Review

The Pivot Trail 429 is a zippy, xc minded, trail bike with very impressive climbing abilities.

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Bike Magazine

Pivot Trail 429 PRO XT/XTR

There aren’t many bikes as well-balanced, as easy to ride, and terrain-dextrous as this one right here.

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Singletrack Magazine

First Ride: The All-New Trail 429 From Pivot Cycles

This bike climbs incredibly well.

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Pivot Trail 429 Review – Blurring the Lines Between XC and Trail Bike

If you are very much a cross-country type rider, you want to do longer rides, a fairly mellow pace, but every once in a while hit something a little bit bigger, I think this thing is awesome for that.

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2020 Pivot Trail 429: Test Ride and Review: How Does It Compare to the Tallboy and Ripley?

Maybe just wait until Pivot updates the Trail 429 because this thing will be an absolute weapon if it has the same numbers as my Ripley or closer to the Tallboy.

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Island Bike Life

2020 Pivot Trail 429 Review

It was just a super fun bike to ride in every, every situation. It climbed incredibly well. The power transfer was excellent. It was a light, very fun and lively bike when I was trail riding.

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Mountain Biking on Vancouver Island – Test Riding the Pivot Trail 429 – Hartland Bike Park

I think this is a really good choice for someone who’s like more cross-countrier that enjoys having something capable for the challenging days.

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MTB yumyum

2019 Pivot Trail 429 Review & Extended Test Ride

For 90% of the trails out there I ride, this is plenty of bike. It’s just really, really efficient and precise.

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2019 Pivot Trail XTR 29 Demo Test Ride on Chimney Gulch Trail at Golden Bike Shop Bike Junkie

If you are looking for a great bike that can climb, this is something you should consider.

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Flow Mountain Bike

Pivot Trail 429: First Ride Review – Flow Mountain Bike

This bike is a thoroughly modern trail bike.

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Grantland Gamster

2019 Pivot 429 Trail Review

Bike feels noodley, squirrely, great suspension, efficient, hate the 34, feels weak, not confidence-inspiring, but it’s not a bad bike.

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Ride bSide

It’s a Festival..It’s a Demo – Demoing the Pivot Trail 429

The Trail 429 took some of the gnar a little better.

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Review: 2019 Pivot Trail 429 – A Little Bit of Travel, A Whole Lot of Fun.

The Trail 429 is the bike I’ve been grabbing when I’m not sure where I’ll end up, I’ve never felt all that overwhelmed in the techgnar, or underpowered on faster trails.

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Australian Geographic

Tested: Pivot Trail 429

The Pivot Trail 429’s breadth of capability for cross-country through to enduro – makes it the ideal one bike to rule all the mountain bike trails.

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Pivot Trail 429 First Ride

The Pivot Trail 429 is the revamped version of Pivot’s sweet spot trail bike with enough travel to go fast and play.

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Mountain Bike Action

Riding Moab – On Pivot Cycles New Trail Bikes

Overall our initial impression of the Trail 429 was that it’s a capable trail machine designed to blast up climbs and rip down descents.

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