Montague Paratrooper

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32.0, 31.0, 27.0 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Montague Paratrooper. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • One of the draws of the Paratrooper is that it’s a full-size bike, unlike most other folders.
  • Owners said that the Paratrooper handles well and is responsive, stiff and smooth.
  • Riders were pleased that this bike handles offroad trails as well as curbs and bumps.
  • The larger 27.5 wheels on Highline and Elite models were appreciated for their faster rolling.
  • Many owners found assembly to be quick and easy.
  • Shifting was described as comfortable and smooth, if sometimes noisy.
  • The Paratrooper felt solid, sturdy and indiscernible from a non-folding bike, even at speed.
  • A lot of commuters thought this bike was fast and easy to fold and deploy.
  • Comments revealed that the Paratrooper packs away well for travel and use in cars, trucks, boats, small apartments and planes.
  • The high quality components (including a Shimano Deore XT drivetrain) impressed on the Elite model.
  • Some owners felt this bike was a good weight for a full-size bike.
  • Riders prized the easily adjustable front shock, which features a lock-out.
  • The aluminum frame was often described as ‘high-quality’.
  • For some owners, the portability of the paratrooper reduced chances of theft.

10 reasons not to buy

  • Some owners experienced flaking of the paintwork where the bike folded.
  • The stock grips were considered sub-standard by numerous reviewers.
  • In instances where packaging and / or parts arrived damaged or scratched, customers were upset by the manufacturer’s policy, that shifts full responsibility to the carrier.
  • Some buyers received an older model from a previous year (and returned it).
  • A large number of reports mentioned the front fender’s poor design, resulting in its collapse.
  • The position of the handlebars was too low for some, who installed a riser.
  • Lower-end components on lower-end models were resented, with one bike mechanic saying this is to be expected, as one pays extra for the folding technology.
  • A bike mechanic and Paratrooper owner acknowledged the need to tune everything out-of-the-box.
  • The supplied tires struck some as unsuitable for cornering on rough trails.
  • A number of users felt the pedals were cheap.

Bottom line

Montague’s folding bikes stand out for their stability as a full-size folding-bike. On lower-end models of the Paratrooper, a large portion of the purchase-price is invested in the frame, which was lauded and rarely faulted. However, componentry was not always viewed as great quality and upgrading was common. High-end models are expensive but avoid this problem. The Paratrooper is an all-terrain bike that’s suitable for people with limited space or travel concerns.

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Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Review

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Montague Paratrooper (тюнинг версия)

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