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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Montague Boston. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • The full-size 700c wheels on Montague bikes is what makes them stand out against other folding bikes, leaving riders satisfied with the increased speed and bump-resistance.
  • The wider 28C tires fulfill the need for extra grip and tougher resistance in the wet and on uneven surfaces.
  • When strapped up, owners described the Boston as steady and easy to carry by the provided handle.
  • A common remark about the Boston is that it does not feel like riding a folding bike. Riders reported that it was stable and did not flex.
  • It’s widely agreed that the Boston is highly suitable for those with limited storage space in the house, apartment, car, boat or truck.
  • The quality of componentry has been described as dependable and of decent quality, with minimal sacrifice for ride quality. Reviewers painted the Boston as a durable rig.
  • Compared to some other folders, the Boston uses standard if somewhat upright, commuter geometry.
  • Both the singlespeed and 8-speed (internal hub) versions offered riders low maintenance. Users of the geared option recounted its lack of fuss and smooth operation.
  • By most accounts, it folds quickly and easily.
  • Users spruiked the ability to adjust the headset and handlebar height without the use of tools.

4 reasons not to buy

  • For some commuters, the Boston was too big for crowded trains. The need to remove and reattach the front wheel was considered cumbersome.
  • Braking ability is represented as adequate but not great. Some owners felt the need to swap-out the brake pads.
  • Compared to smaller-wheel folding bikes, the Boston struck some riders as heavy and difficult to carry. While a carry-bag is available, users felt it was expensive.
  • One expert described the quality of the bike as decent but not high, due to the increased cost incurred by the Boston’s foldability.

Bottom line

The Montague Boston is generally considered to be an uncompromising 700c folding bike. While it does not trade-off on comfort and rideability, it is heavier and less portable than some other folding bikes. For some, this makes it more suited to travel or limited storage conditions – than as a solution to everyday commuting using public transport.

Expert Reviews

76/100 based on 3 expert reviews
Cycling Weekly

Montague Boston Folding Bike

Montague takes a fresh approach to folding bikes, with a design which may not be super-compact but has benefits in rideability.

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Updated: Montague Boston

If parking space at either end of your commute is limited, or you want to do a mixed commute with a fairly long ride, then this is certainly a machine to look at. Don’t think of it as a folding bike, more a full-size machine with a small footprint.

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Cycling Active

Montague Boston

The Boston feels like a fixie. It’s stable and reliable, while being sharp and responsive.

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In the Fold

Thanks to 700c wheels, the Boston rode like a conventional flat-bar road bike, and its wide tires provided ample traction and some comfort over cracked streets.

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The Active Times

Review: Montague Boston 8 Folding Bike

…on a day-to-day basis, there’s just not enough “fold” to justify this bike design’s existence, in my opinion.

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