Framed Twenty9er

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We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • Riders were impressed with the quality of the Twenty9er’s components, from the 3-piece crank to the rear disc brake.
  • The alloy frame was lauded for its quality and was appreciated for fitting riders up to 6’6”.
  • The entire bike was said to be built well and easily withstood the size and weight of a grown man, under rough use.
  • Reports described the bike as very quick and easy to assemble.
  • At this low price the Twenty9er was considered great value, especially with the inclusion of a disc brake and 3-piece crank.
  • A lot of owners used this bike as an urban cruiser and were impressed with it as a daily rider.
  • The gear ratio was praised for its suitability for both climbing and cruising.
  • Owners found that the Twenty9er rode smoothly and proved easy to wheelie.
  • Admirers cooed over Twenty9er colorways, including matte black, white and the Chicago Cubs special edition (in blue/red/white).
  • Owners called this bike solid, considering it a tougher urban / commuting alternative to a standard singlespeed or fixie.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The rear disc brake received a fair amount of criticism; as being undersized, underpowered and difficult to calibrate.
  • A few owners received scratched frames.
  • Pedals were sometimes considered cheap, resulting in an undesirable level of flex and an audible creak.
  • The gear ratio was too low for some users, who desired a larger chainring and a more challenging ride.
  • The crankset seemed to be replaced often. It was described as being solid and reliable, but unnecessarily heavy. One owner knocked 2lbs off the bike by upgrading to an alloy crank.

Bottom line

When compared to other 29ers, this Twenty9er undercut them by a considerable price margin. This is done without compromising build quality. In return, what you don’t get – is the flashier graphics and accoutrements of competing brands. While some owners were big enough to throw the Twenty9er around like a regular BMX, others found a 26 inch bike more suited to this purpose. A great many owners chose to use this as a more solid alternative to a fixie or singlespeed, for urban cruising and commuting. And its built for wheelies.

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Framed Twenty9er Review: All You Need to Know

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This is lighter than the Big Ripper – and it’s easier to wheelie.

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