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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Dynacraft Alpine Eagle. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

3 reasons to buy

  • The Alpine Eagle swoops to new lows, in terms of price.
  • Several owners used the word ‘sturdy’ to describe the Alpine Eagle.
  • Some owners found assembly a doddle, slapping the Eagle together in 20 to 30 minutes.

22 reasons not to buy

  • Myriads of owners reported a level of saddle discomfort that bordered on abusive.
  • The kickstand was apparently flimsy and bent easily under the bike’s weight.
  • At just shy of 40lb, this obese eagle is grounded.
  • A surprising number of buyers received untrue front wheels. One cracked after brief use.
  • Factory-direct damage included bent frames and forks, ripped saddles, scratches and a busted front derailleur.
  • It seems that the Alpine Eagle is incredibly fast, at rusting.
  • The front ‘suspension’ fork hit rock-bottom easily. One broke after two weeks use.
  • More than one owner complained of a loose and wobbly cassette.
  • Brakes were difficult to adjust and stuck easily. Pads were weak.
  • Tires were thin, weak and tore within a week. For some, they were warped beyond use.
  • One owner’s pedal snapped while riding. For others, bearings wore out within a week.
  • The Alpine Eagle lives slow and dies young, lasting only two months for one family.
  • The rear axle bent easily after a few hundred miles of standard use.
  • A long-term sufferer lamented that the bottom-bracket needed adjustment every 200 miles.
  • The rear derailleur was sometimes dragged into the rear wheel, crushing riders’ dreams.
  • Safety was threatened by a handlebar that many owners found impossible to tighten.
  • For two riders, the chain broke on their first ride. One never made it out of the driveway.
  • The instruction manual was renowned for its lack of clarity.
  • In pictures, the Alpine Eagle has mounts for a bottle cage! In reality, it doesn’t.
  • The seatpole was a nuisance for users, as it persistently loosened.
  • The gripshift offered cheesy and imprecise action, making gear-changing difficult.
  • Tuning gears was a real grind, as was accessing the entire range.

Bottom line

Some of the Alpine Eagle’s five-star reviewers have offered the potential buyer some pearls of wisdom. One rider advises that they, “...definitely wouldn't ever take this bike down a mountain bike trail”, while another described it as, “Nothing special”. It was recommended as suitable only for light riding on streets or freshly compacted dirt-roads. Higher ratings offered little detail, while more critical reviews were very specific. I’ll leave you with these words, from a concerned parent: “For your safety or the safety of your child do NOT but this bike!”. The manufacturer has been the subject of court cases and recalls regarding safety issues.

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